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Week 9 Blog Post- Ting Wei Yang

This week’s topic is about the new generation of Asian Americans and how they become popular with what they have today.

I would like to focus on an individual who I follow before he became this YouTube superstar. I have been watching Jason Chen’s video before he came out with his own album on iTunes as well as his original songs. Like many other YouTube stars Jason Chen started off recording in his own  home with a simple microphone. He started off covering other artists work such as Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift. As he became more and more well known, he started to make his own original music.

As Uploaded described, YouTube serves as a platform for young stars who just want to share their talent. YouTube has made many stars that we know today. Not just that, but YouTube has also humanize celebrities; it makes us realize that celebrities do the same stuff we do and they eat the same stuff we do. They are no different than us and YouTube showed us that.

These independent singers are a threat to big companies because they first of all can attract a lot of customers from them and they ave their own freedom to do what that want without any limitations to what they can do. The superstars now are limited to their work, they do not have their own freedom to do what ever they want or sing whatever they want because they have to sing what the market wants.

I have once thought of making a YouTube channel and do parodies of stuff happening around life but that never happened because I was afraid of what other people would think and tha if I do upload videos they will exist forever.

Overall, these stars on YouTube are brave enough to show off their talent and that’s why they are famous.


Ting-Wei Yang Extra Post- 2 Broke Girls


Hi everyone, this is Han and he is from the comedy television show 2 Broke Girls. In this show he is made fun of by everyone in the restaurant that he owns which makes him a comedic effect. Han is a very witty character in the show but also the one who gets pick on the most. I remember in episode where he raised the price of tampons in the women’ restroom and the whole restaurant was outraged, Han could not even pronounce he word tampon due how he was brought up. He would use substitution such as “the girly thing” to say tampon. Due to his Asian background and lack of human health education he was not able to say tampon. In multiple episodes he was made fun of by his height, his accent, his high pitched voice, and also his imaginable small penis. All of the Asian stereotypes on one man in the show is funny while watching the show but you always feel bad for Han. When it comes down to it, the creators are making fun of Asians. Being an Asian American watching all those jokes being said at Han makes me feel like they are guided towards me.

Another episode where Han’s mother came and visit him in his restaurant and he was getting the place into top shape. He wanted to please his mom and show her that he is successful in business as well as social life (He found a stripper to be his pretend girlfriend).  I feel like this is an Asian thing, to show other family members that you are more well off than you actually are. We saw this in Fresh Off the Boat where Jessica’s sister and her husband and her mother came down to visit them in Orlando and they had to make it seem that the restaurant is well off and they are earning  lot of money. A sense of comparison is somewhat associated to being an Asian.

Han who is a main character in 2 Broke Girls  nonetheless is a comedic effect that the producers are trying to portray.

Timothy DeLaGhetto

Timothy DeLaGhetto (Traphik) is a Thai-American rapper, comedian, and video producer, who started his career on YouTube. Tim has been producing videos ever since early 2006, where YouTube and viral videos were starting to take off. There he often posted rants about issues facing he faced as an Asain-American trying to make it in the rap industry, as well as love advice for those who trusted him. I was actually one of his early viewers, and I have watched his journey as he has developed into deeper issues on race and as to how he was been able to venture off and do more work beyond YouTube. He is currently staring as a guest host on MTV 2’s Wild n Out alongside Nick Cannon.

I was actually that no one presented him as an unsung Asian-American Hero. Timothy did seem too popular for the assignment, but so did Kevin Jumba and he was still someone showcased in our projects. I wanted to highlight the video below, as it really touches on the preconceived notion that Asian-Americans are expected to grow up to be doctors or lawyers in order to bring success to their families. In the video below, Tim surprises his family with a $200k check in order to pay off the mortgage to his parents’ house. Once he announces it, his dad is shown saying, “I knew you could do it.” Tim is actually a college dropout, because he went on to pursue a career in entertainment, despite having odds against him. I really think he has made great contributions to the YouTube community, and he has painted Asian-Americans in a positive light. H addresses many topics surrounding Asian stereotypes, and I believe that the greatest thing a celebrity can do with their fame, is to bring these issues to the forefront of pop culture. Tim breaks boundaries, and shows his parents, and the rest of the YouTube community, how he was able to make a career out of following his dreams as opposed to going the traditional route of obtaining a college degree.

David So Comedy – Group Project

David So (David So Comedy) is an Asian-American youtube personality that creates youtube videos critiquing racist stereotypes directed towards ethnically Asian individuals. David’s video critiquing Alexandra Wallace, a former UCLA student who composed a video insulting Asians based on a library experience she had at UCLA is how he rose to popularity. Many of David’s videos address and deconstruct micro-aggressions, stereotypes, institutional and individual racism, myths, and internalized oppression, among many other marginalizing techniques. David’s popularity can be attributed to his charismatic attitude and comically engaging, yet serious discussions. David additionally creates video discussing current events. David’s sharp whit and entertaining way of constructing videos is what keeps his subscriber count going up.

Here is the link to our fanpage tumblr. On the tumblr page you will find links to his youtube, twitter, instagram, and other social media sites on the top left hand corner.